There is no need to move or lift heavy objects or furniture or to climb on top of furniture.

None of our games require the use of force. If something seems secured in place, it is.

If you break or damage something in one of our games by using excessive force, by reckless behavior or malicious intent, you must pay for it.

Children ages 12 and under are not permitted to participate in Escape Santa Fe games unless you are booking the entire room for your group only and they will be charged the same. Other groups of adults may not wish to play these games with young children.

Children ages 16 and under must be accompanied inside the rooms by an adult always and must have a signed waiver by a parent or legal guardian.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your game start time. These are live-action events and you must arrive on time to begin with your group. If you arrive after the start of your game time, you may not be allowed to participate. There are no refunds or exchanges so please allow more time than you think you might need. All sales are final and there are no refunds or date exchanges.

If you have already played an Escape Santa Fe game, you cannot play that same game again.

Cell phones and other electronic devices must remain off and cannot be used during the games.


PLEASE keep the games a mystery! Don’t ruin the experience for others by revealing clues or answers. Thank you.

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